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Unattended Children Policy

Unattended Youth And Special Needs Persons Policy

The library is not a child care facility and is not a safe place to leave youth and special needs persons unattended. While Library staff is concerned about safety, they cannot assume responsibility for youth and special needs persons left unattended.

Youth under 10 years old and anyone with special needs who requires a caregiver must have supervision at all times while in the library by someone age 14 or older. If the person in charge needs to go into areas of the library other than Youth Services, youth under 10 or special needs persons must go with them. Puzzles and books may be taken into other areas of the library as long as they are returned to Youth Services.

If a youth under 10 years old or anyone with special needs who requires a caregiver is found unattended, staff will attempt to locate the person in charge. If no one can be located, the Flagstaff Police Department will be called.

If a youth under 10 years old or a special needs person who requires a caregiver is attending a special program or storytime, the person in charge must remain in the building.

Youth between the ages of 10 and 12 should not be expected to remain unsupervised for longer than one hour. Young people are expected to comply with all behavior policies. Behavior policies are posted throughout the library.

Youth and special needs persons must be picked up by closing time. If a youth or special needs person is left unattended after closing hours and a parent/guardian cannot be reached, library staff will contact the Flagstaff Police Department.


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