Using Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is the borrowing and lending of materials between libraries to increase the materials available to their patrons. After you place a request, we search an online library database to determine the item's availability. When we find a matching record we make an online request with multiple libraries for the material, usually starting with libraries in Arizona and then branching out across the country. ILL users should allow 4 to 6 weeks for their requests to be filled.

  1. Before submitting an interlibrary loan (ILL) request a patron must have a valid Flagstaff City-Coconino County (FPL) library card, and must have a permanent address in Coconino County. A patron may not use someone else's card. You must log in and make sure your Library Card Number is included in the ILL form before it is submitted. Otherwise, the form will be rejected and you will lose any information you have entered. You would then have to fill it out all over again.
  2. Out-of-town patrons are strongly encouraged to use their local libraries so they can use borrowed materials in a timely manner because materials may come with short lending periods or may be restricted to in-house library use only.
  3. NAU students should use Cline Library Document Delivery/ILL Services (523-6808) because of their expertise in locating academic materials.
  4. FPL can only borrow books and request photocopied articles. Videos, dvds, cds, audiotapes, new books (less than 1 year old) and periodicals cannot be borrowed. For new books submit a customer request for purchase at the Information Desk.
  5. ILL requests may be submitted at the Information Desk inside the Main Library (300 W. Aspen) or at the FPL website (
  6. An ILL loan request will not be processed for an item owned by FPL unless the item has been declared lost or missing in the library catalog. Patrons must check the library catalog before placing requests. Items owned by this library, but checked out to another patron, should have a hold placed on them.
  7. FPL does not borrow multiple copies of books for book clubs or academic classes.
  8. Loan periods range from 2- 4 weeks and items may not be renewed nor may the same item be requested more often than once every 6 months.
  9. Items are usually free. We will contact you if an item is only available for a fee.
  10. Patrons may have a maximum of six (6) ILL requests in process at any one time.
  11. When picking up books or articles patrons must show proof of identity. The borrower is responsible for the borrowed item regardless of who retrieves it.
  12. Materials must be picked up and returned to the front desk at either the Main Library [300 W. Aspen] or at the Eastside Branch Library [3000 N. Fourth Street, Suite 5] depending on which library was selected when making the loan request.  Materials may not be left in the outside return depositories, as they may be mistakenly shelved in our collection delaying their prompt return to the lending library.
  13. ILL requests will not be processed for a patron in poor standing (outstanding bills, overdue library books, etc.).
  14. Patrons may have their ILL privileges suspended if they repeatedly (more than three times) lose or damage materials, or do not return ILL materials on time. Lost or damaged materials will be charged to the patron and will appear on his/her library account resulting in the suspension of lending privileges until the library account has been settled.
  15. Copyright compliance must be signed for all photocopy requests.

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Last updated on February 27, 2015

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