Boolean searching

Boolean searching allows you to combine keywords, authors, titles, etc. in a single search.

And = Dogs AND Cats = Items containing both the word "dogs" and "cats" (default option) [screenshot example]

Or = Trees OR Ponderosa = Items containing either the word "trees" or "ponderosa" (broad search) [screenshot example]

XOR = Dogs XOR Cats = Items containing either "dogs" or "cats", but not both (narrow search) [screenshot example]

Not = Mexico NOT "New Mexico" = Items containing Mexico…but excluding anything with the phrase "New Mexico" (narrow search) [screenshot example]

Tip: You can also type these Boolean search terms between keywords in the basic search box. Boolean terms do not need to be capitalized.

You may also use the following search operators:
  • SAME = searches for terms in the same field (e.g. either author or title or subject, but not all)
  • WITH = searches for terms next to each other
  • NEAR = searches for terms near each other
  • ADJ = searches for terms next to each other

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