An Introduction to Interlibrary Loan

With Interlibrary Loan (ILL) patrons have access to millions of books from over 1000 libraries across the United States. If we don't own it, chances are good that ILL can borrow it.

  • To submit an interlibrary loan request a patron must:
  • Own a valid Flagstaff City-Coconino County library card and be a county resident.
  • Have a mailing address (General Delivery is not acceptable).
  • Due to time constraints and short lending periods, county residents from out of town should use ILL services at the library located closest to them. Also, NAU offers ILL services to university students and faculty and is generally faster than our library.

Patrons may borrow books and obtain photocopies of periodical articles. Patrons cannot borrow videos, compact discs, cassette tapes, audio books, periodicals or new books (less than a year old). A patron who needs a new book should fill out a customer request form and the library will consider purchasing a copy to add to the collection.

ILL books are nonrenewable, may be for in-house use only, and sometimes have short lending dates. Patrons must be willing to comply with any restrictions set by the lending library.

ILL loan requests cannot be processed for items owned by the library, unless the items are lost or missing.

ILL cannot borrow multiple copies of books for classes or book clubs.

Getting Started

Check the online public catalog to determine whether the library owns the book or periodical needed (if we own the book we can place a hold on it for you if it is checked out).

Pick up an ILL request form at the Information desk. Specify only 1 title per request form. Be as complete and careful as possible with author, title, edition, or year of publication (if a specific edition is required), and language (if a foreign language text in its original language is desired).

Remember to sign the copyright compliance on the ILL form for all photocopies requested.

When materials come in, we will first attempt to notify patrons by phone. Patrons without phone access should complete ILL notification cards, along with their ILL request forms, and we will notify them by mail.

When picking up books or articles, please show proof of identity.

Return materials on time to the Information Desk. Never leave ILL materials in the library book drop - as they may be inadvertently shelved with our collection instead of being returned to the lender.

Do not remove the date-due cover from ILL books as it helps us to check books in and clear patron accounts.

ILL Guidelines

Patrons may have up to 6 ILL requests in process at any one time. ILL requests are generally free to patrons but are not free to the library.

Patrons may only request the same title once in any six month period.

Patrons who repeatedly (more than 3 times) bring back ILL materials late, may lose all ILL privileges.

Patrons will not be able to borrow library materials if: they have overdue ILL materials, they have not paid for lost or damaged ILL materials, or if they have a stop on their card.

Patrons who lose or damage ILL materials my lose all ILL privileges, and will be charged a fee of $30, or the fee set by the lender, whichever is greater.

ILL will first attempt to find materials for free. If free materials are not available , ILL will contact the patron to determine whether they are willing to assume the lending library fee.

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Last updated on January 23, 2006

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